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500th Anniversary Reformation

October 31, 2017

At Peace Lutheran Church we are celebrating the upcoming anniversary of the Reformation by highlighting vocation and how we make change in the world.  Each of the 95 days before Reformation we will be sharing a member of Peace Lutheran Church and one of the ways they work to share the love of Christ in the world.  Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to church doors to try to make a change for good in the world.  We know we have people at Peace who are using the gifts and talents given to them by God in both big and small ways.  Check out our Facebook page and webpage each day as we hear about each one.

If you would like to submit a name and way that someone (doesn't matter their age!) makes a difference out in the world or in a behind-the-scenes way in the church, please send it to or put a short note in Elena's (secretary) mailbox.


From Velta Johnston:

Several years ago, Peace conducted a "Survey of Spiritual Gifts".  One of my gifts was shown to be Administration.  At Spanish Cove, I have recently been elected to serve on the Board of Trustees and serve as Secretary.  In addition, I am Chair of the Finance Committee, serve on the Building Committee as we embark on a $20 million expansion project, am co-chair of the Elf Project and chair the Memorial committee.  I also serve on the Board of the Nina Willingham Senior Housing Center, an Independent housing residence for low income seniors.

What do I enjoy about this?  Very simply, the joy of giving back.  I have been so very blessed during my life to have been afforded so many educational opportunities that I feel it is a privilege to continue to use that    education and training to benefit others.

At Peace, I coordinate the Cooks Night Out ministry and am currently assisting in any way possible with the Confirmation program (although I am probably learning more than the kids).


Here's some more from one of our youth (Samantha Spahr):
1. How do you think God has gifted you to serve other people?
A. I think God has gifted me with a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I try to use my manners and be respectful. I think God has also gifted me with a great school where I am able to serve others.
2. In what ways do you serve others outside of things specifically at Peace?
A. I'm a House Leader at my school where I serve and help other students.
3. What do you enjoy about doing those things?
A. I enjoy being a Servant Leader because I get to help people. I get to teach about God and his Son. I get to watch children grow in Christ. Being a good role model is very important to me.
4.What do you like to do at Peace?
A. I enjoy lots of things! I enjoy LOFT and LUFF. I enjoy VBS. I enjoy Trunk or Treat. I enjoy being an acolyte.


This is from one of our high school youth, Jackson Watts:
1. In what ways do you think God has gifted you to serve other people? I think God has gifted me in several ways. He has given me patience. He has made me hard working. Most of all, He has made me willing to serve.
2. In what ways do you serve others outside of things at Peace? I have done some community service outside of Peace. I’ve worked many hours at a community garden that donates fresh produce to soup kitchens that feed the homeless. I’ve also volunteered at the Infant Crisis Center, which helps single mothers and families struggling to feed their young children. Community service isn’t the only serving that I do. Every day, I have to do chores at home to serve my family.
3. What do you enjoy about doing these things? I like to be outside, so working at the community garden is enjoyable for me. I also don’t mind the work at the Infant Crisis Center. And of course, serving my family isn’t always bad. I usually don’t mind that.
4. What do you like to do at Peace? I could go on and on about his question. I like LOFT. I’ve only been on one mission trip, but that was a lot of fun. I participate in Trunk or Treat every year, either working at a trunk or another activity, and I always have a good time. Over the years, I’ve had a blast at various youth activities such as bowling, swim parties, lock-ins, etc. One, Team Adam served dinner to Team Eve. We planned on making brownies for dessert, but they were taking too long, so Scott turned up the heat 50 degrees hotter than it was supposed to be. When we pulled them out, they were burnt to a crisp. Also, we made buttered bread. Most of the bread turned out just fine, but Jacob Saxton put one batch in the oven and forgot about it. He only remembered when Luke noticed smoke coming out of the oven. I got the burned toast and ran outside with it, but I was too late. All the smoke caused the church’s fire alarm to go off. It might sound like that dinner was a disaster, but I had loads of fun.


And from another one of our young people, Christopher Falk:

1) How do you think God has gifted you to serve other people?
God has gifted me the ability to perceive the needs/emotions of other people so I can help them.

2) In what ways do you serve others outside of things specifically at Peace?
Boy Scouts - help serve through Eagle projects, conservation projects, and other community service

3) What do you enjoy about doing those things?
Hanging out with friends, but knowing I'm helping others while doing this.

4) What things do you like to do at Peace?
LOFT and LUFF, VBS, Cooks' Night Out, and being an acolyte


From Eva Cole for our continuing Reformation highlights:

1) How do you think God has gifted you to serve other people?
God has given me some amazing parents who have invested a lot into helping me serve other people. They are the ones who help me build my character and make sure I get opportunities to serve.

2) In what ways do you serve others outside of things specifically at Peace?
I love to volunteer for things and help out. I used to go to the food pantry a lot. Also, this past year, I worked with special needs kids using horse therapy.

3) What do you enjoy about doing those things?
For me, it feels really good to help other people. It feels like I'm doing something that could really make the world a better place.

4) What things do you like to do at Peace?
Everything! I love working at Peace and really appreciate the opportunities I get there to volunteer, and help out


Today we are highlighting Kathryn Phillips:

1) How do you think God has gifted you to serve other people? I think my gifts of organization and love of working with kids are the gifts that allow me to serve others.
2) In what ways do you serve others outside of things specifically at Peace? I have coached various sports teams my girls have played on and helped with the others through the YMCA and I-9. In high school and college I taught swim lessons and coached swim team. My gift of organization - lead me to become an accountant which often leads me back the business aspect of many opportunities most recently as the bookkeeper at Peace Preschool.
3) What do you enjoy about doing those things? It is fun to watch children grow and gain confidence in each season - both athletically and in their self-confidence. I also enjoy a puzzle and getting the numbers/pieces together in an nice tidy fashion.
4) What things do you like to do at Peace? Over the years at Peace I have enjoyed many tasks - acolyte, usher, communion assistant, communion clean-up, VBS volunteer, Sunday School teacher, offering counter, assistant to the Treasurer, Peace Lutheran Foundation Secretary, and adult volleyball.


Hannah Bedwell is working as the Youth & Family intern for the summer. She likes working with kids and wants to create a comfortable environment for them. She wants to work against human trafficking


David Ezersky writes, "I have been helping with the youth for three years since we returned to Edmond, and for a small time before we left in 2012. I have a couple of reasons for volunteering with the youth. They are at a point in life where one bad decision can change their lives, they need to learn that every action has consequences, good or bad. In high school, and more so in college they have a lot of things vying for their time and focus. Keeping Christ as the center point of their lives is most important. 
I feel obligated to be involved in a church, not just attend. Even if it means doing manual labor and not being directly involved in a ministry. Additionally, on a selfish note, I can be having a horrible day and be extremely tired and the kids will re-energize and pump life back into me!"


Leon Collins comes in every Thursday morning to make copies of the bulletins and inserts. He also helps collate bulletins on Fridays, and he is an active part of the Faith Builders Bible study, which is a group that does handiwork around the building.


Today we highlight Paul Ratke and a ministry he does outside of Peace Lutheran - he is a volunteer soccer coach for the YMCA. He has coached for 13 years; many of those years had 3 different seasons in them. He estimates he has coached over 500 games. He likes working with the kids and wants them to feel successful and a part of the team. He noticed that it is rare today to be a part of a tight-knit group that is focused on a single goal.
(Pastor Keith note: Christopher has played the last several years on Paul's teams, and I have always appreciated how he makes a point to pray with the team)